In 2010, a year after major aortic-valve replacement surgery, Patrick began to teach himself to play this remarkable instrument. 
His repertoire ranges widely, including Canadian (30%), Irish, English & Scottish airs, waltzes, reels, jigs & hornpipes,
Scandinavian vals & polskas, Playford dance tunes, new (and older) French musettes, Tango & Tango vals. 
It features music written by fiddlers, harpists, pipers, flautists, guitarists, pianists, nyckelharpists, jazz saxophonists,
and, yes, players of several sorts of accordions. 
Adrian Dolan is a Vancouver based multi-instrumentalist who is best known as a long time member of the outstanding West Coast acoustic band, The Bills. He wrote this moving air while still in his teens, and I was motivated to learn the accordéon in order to play it.
Jon Swayne is a highly regarded English maker and player of bagpipes and whistles. He is a founding member of the iconic and influential UK band Blowzabella. I first heard Robin's from Karen Tweed who points out that it "is now firmly in the traditional repertoire of England."
Catriona McKay plays and composes for the 'Scottish Harp'. "The Swan is an old Fifie fishing vessel that was launched in Lerwick on 3 May 1900. Catriona along with Chris and Andrew were aboard the Swan during the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race in 1999, an experience they will never forget." Catriona composed the tune on this journey. (Liner notes from Fiddlers’ Bid recording: Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer).
Three waltzes nicked from the playing of Karen Tweed and Timo Alakotila (May Monday).
Andy Cutting's In Continental Mood and Flatworld, followed by Jan Ekedahl's Soren's Waltz.