Ms. 'Santella' Scandalli is proving to be a marvelous instrument and receives regular compliments on her wonderful sound – she is my main squeeze!! She is a Scandalli Air IV C and was just being readied for shipment to NA when I played it at the factory in Castelfidardo in May 2015. After a longish 'saga' she has been with me in Toronto since September 2015. Her box is pine, with hand-made reeds throughout in LMMH configuration – two reed blocks in cassetto. 13 registers on the RH and  a 120 button Stradella bass with 5 reed blocks and 9 registers on the LH.
Accordina #282 was made in Provence by Marcel Druex  in early 2009.  This instrument was invented by Frenchman André Borel in the 1930s and manufactured by Beuscher in the 60s & 70s.It's a mouth-blown, chromatic button free-reed with a sound not unlike a similar sized harmonica and while it never really caught on in Borel's time it has undergone a revival in recent years. Not a toy or 'practice accordion' but a lovely and expressive  instrument in its own right.

Acquired in July 2011, this Paulo Soprani Internazionale II was likely the very last one made at the Scandalli factory in Castelfidardo (the 'brand' has since been sold to another organization).It has a mahagony box with matching Voci Armonichi reed blocks – 4 reed blocks (LMMM) and 9 registers on the RH and  a 120 button Stradella bass with 5 reed blocks and 5 registers on the LH.
This hybrid Bandoneon was made in Belgium by Harry Geuns and features mirrored RH & LH 3-row  chromatic keyboards. It's a student model but sounds really fine.In truth I haven't had much spare time to devote to this interesting box. It works well with harp & fiddle tunes and I have designs  to fit it into the mix one day.