Dates & News

May 06

I'm very pleased to say that markets this year WILL HAVE MUSIC!!
Ms. Scandalli and I will be:

@ East York Farmers Market most Tuesdays from May 10 through October;
@ Weston — June 18
@ Dufferin Grove —Aug 4, Sept 15 & Oct 13
@ Annette — June 22, July 13, August 10 & Sept 21
@ East Lynn — June 16, July 14, August 11, Sept 22
@ The Stop — July 30, September 24
@Bloor Borden — August 3

more to come…

It's now March 2022…

We're hoping that the end is, if not in sight quite, not to far around the corner!
Ms Scandalli and I are very excited at the prospect of playing and greeting everyone at Farmers markets throughout Toronto — beginning in  May!

Stay tuned…

July 20/21

Sigh… I'm pleased to report that some farmers markets are now opening and that St Lawrence Mkt has remained open all along (Kudoos to the Daniels for making it so!!). Sadly, music is not allowed at any markets for the foreseeable.

In other news, I have recently aquired a new 'box' —it is a pump reed organ made by W Bell & Co in Guelph, ON in 1871!
Details are here:  
Details are here.

Feb 20

At St Lawrence Farmers Market most Saturday mornings. Lovely short set w/Geoff Somers @ ABFC on the 2nd!

Late October 19

Just played the final East York market for the year — fond 'so longs' until next June. We hope to be at St Lawrence often during the winter months and await scheduling at other indoor markets as well.

Sept 2019

Slipping slowly into autumn but the markets are full of wonderful fresh foods. We will be at a number of them in September and October, including the Main Stage at Leslieville on September 8!

July 2019

Summer has arrived in its often-abrupt fashion and Outdoor Markets are in full swing. Strawberries have been sumptuous, asparagus and lettuce lovely, and tree fruits, melons and other berries just around the corner.
Ms Scandalli
and I will be in attendance at many venues through October (see dates on the left) and look forward to playing for you!

May 2019

The Outdoor Farmers Markets are now opening and I'm very pleased to be playing at so many fine venues throughout the summer and fall (see dates on the left).
Hope to see you there!

April 2019

Ahh…Toronto's famous 'almost' spring. Those of us who are veterans know that these semi-mildish temperatures with undercutting cool breezes could go on for some time (Even until June when summer would arrive with a hot bang!)
But hope (at least) springs and I have a growing list of bookings for outdoor markets (see left) beginning in May.
Hope to see you there!

March 2019

Snow is beginning to leave us -- in large puddles and not instantly —but…
Looking forward to better walking weather and, eventually, outdoor markets (even have a couple of summer bookings).
Meanwhile Saturday mornings are fine at St Lawrence Farmers Market — between the pies, the coffee, and the apples…

January 2019

Snow and cold outside but I'm bellowing on at the St Lawrence Market most Saturday mornings and have an appearance or two at the Sorauren Indoor Farmers Market as well.

October 18

Outdoor markets are winding down -- more that a bit chilly for the accordion player this fall!
Just booked some up-coming dates indoors with the Sorauren Market and the Brickworks ––
and I will be at the St. Lawrence Farmers Market most Saturday mornings
between the pies, the coffee, and the apples…

September 18

Ms Santalla Scandalli is back from Philly with her new bass register switches well installed. 

An unusual repair — the master switch simply broke in two. All is well now.
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2022 — Weekly :

East York Farmers Market — Tuesday AM

June 16 — East Lynn Farmers Market

June 18 — Weston Farmers Market

June 22 — Annette Farmers Market

July 13 — Annette Farmers Market

July 14 — East Lynn Farmers Market

Jult 30— The Stop Farmers Market

August 3 — Bloor Borden Farmers Market

August 4— Dufferin Grove Farmers Market

August 10 — Annette Farmers Market

August 11— East Lynn Farmers Market

September 15 — Dufferin Grove Farmers Marlet

September 21 — Annette Farmers Market

September 22 — East Lynn Farmers Market

September 24 — The Stop Farmers Market

October 13— Dufferin Grove Farmers Market

St. Lawrence Farmers Market -(many) Sat AM

Brickworks Christmas Market - Dec 14

July 4 - Dufferin Grove Farmers MarketJuly 4 - Dufferin Grove Farmers MarketTues AM - East York Farmers Market
Sat AM - St Lawrence Farmers Market
May 13 - Sorauren Farmers Market
May 19 - Leslieville Farmers Market
May 25 - Brickworks Farmers Market
May 29 - Annette Farmers Market
June 1 - Junction Farmers Market
June 22 - Withrow Park Farmers Market
June 26- Annette Farmers Market
June 29 - Junction Farmers Market
June 30 - Leslieville Farmers Market
July 1 - Sorauren Farmers Market
July 3 - Annette Farmers Market
July 4 - Dufferin Grove Farmers Market
July 11 - East Lynne Farmers Market
July 13 - Withrow Park Farmers Market
July 17 - Annette Farmers Market
July 20 - Brickworks Farmers Market
July 21 - High Park Village Market
July 23 - Trinity-Bellwoods Farmers Market
July 28- Leslieville Farmers Market
August 3 - Junction Farmers Market
August 7- Annette Farmers Market
August 8 - Dufferin Grove Farmers Market
August 11 - Leslieville Farmers Market
August 29 - East Lynne Farmers Market
Sept 1 - Leslieville Farmers Market
Sept 4- Annette Farmers Market
Sept 7 - Junction Farmers Market
Sept 8 - Leslieville Farmers Market (Main Stage)
Sept 14 - Withrow Park Farmers Market
Sept 17 - Trinity-Bellwoods Farmers Market
Sept 19 - East Lynne Farmers Market
Sept 25- Annette Farmers Market
Oct 5 - Junction Farmers Market
Oct 13 - Brickworks Farmers Market
Oct 15 - Trinity-Bellwoods Farmers Market
Nov 03- Brickworks Farmers Market

East York Market - Tues AM

May 29 - Trinity-Bellwoods Market
June 6 - Annette Farmer's Market
June 16 - Junction Farmer's Market
July 4 - Annette Farmer's Market
July 12 - East Lynne Farmer's Market
July 15 - Liberty Village Market
July 17 - Trinity-Bellwoods Market
July 28 - Withrow Farmer's Market
Aug 1 - Annette Farmer's Market
Aug 2 - East Lynne Farmer's Market
Aug 5 - Liberty Village Market
Aug 29 - Annette Farmer's Market
Sept 1 - Junction Farmer's Market
Sept 4 - Trinity-Bellwoods Market
Sept 9 - Liberty Village Market
Sept 13 - East Lynne Farmer's Market
Sept 20 - Dufferin Grove Farmer's Market
Sept 26 - Annette Farmer's Market
tOct 14 - Liberty Village Market
Oct 16 - Trinity-Bellwoods Market

Oct 20 - Junction Farmer's Market
Oct 28 - Liberty Village Market
Nov 5 - Sorauren Farmer's Market
Nov 18 - Liberty Village Market
Dec 27 & 28 - Brickworks Winter Market
Jan 7/19 - Sorauren Farmer's Market
Mar 04/19 - Sorauren Farmer's Market