other resources
Karen Tweed -- most wonderful piano accordionist/composer
from England (superb teacher)
w/Finnish pianist/composer Timo Alakotila as May Monday :
Andy Cutting -- superb English diatonic accordion player & composer
Catriona McKay -- Scottish harpist/composer extraordinaire
with Chris Stout --
Vasen: Olov Johansson, Mikael Marin, Roger Tallroth
-- magical Swedish string trio
Leveret: Sam Sweeney, Rob Harbron, Andy Cutting
-- dazzling English trad. trio
Emma Reid -- Swedish/English fiddler player
with Rob Harbron.
12 minute NFB short!
The Necktie -- Jean-François Léveque
A must see for those with (or who know about) an 'accordion in the closet.'
The intimate relationship between the accordion and the meaning of life…
abc notation - one of the really good things that the digital world has wrought - "the text-based music notation system and the de facto standard for folk and traditional music."
Links to The Session, The Digital Tradition, Folk Wiki, and dozens more. 560,000 tunes!!!
Vancouver Squeezebox Circle - remarkable website filled with charts, advice and links - focused on accordion but very good musical stuff generally! check it out:
Accordion Links -- "A huge list of accordion websites" --
Accordion repair, gear etc…in Toronto…  Rudy & Chris De Florio - MIC - accordion repairs/tuning/restoration/sales
in Philadephia…  Liberty Bellows :
In the Bay Area…  Skyler Fell - Accordion Apocalypse -
in Boston… The Button Box :
In Europe…Paris Accordeon :
The accordion backstrap that works for me (I like the 2") :
Marcel Druex Accordinas :
Harry Geuns - Free-reed maker :
Scandalli Castelfiderdo :
Saltarelle Accordions:
Manifatture Fuselli : Wonderfully designed accordion bags -- including one that splits in 2 for 'carry-on' status. :